Jade head found in tomb

Jade head found in tomb

Lady K’abel was a Mayan queen who ruled from c.672—c.692 CE during the Late Classic Period. The daughter of the ruler of Calakmul—a Mayan city—K’abel was a member of the Imperial House of the Snake King. To further the Snake Dynasty’s power, K’abel was married off to K’nich Bahlam, the King of the Wak Kingdom. She became the military governor of the Wak Kingdom and held the title “Kaloomte” or “Supreme Warrior” which placed her at higher authority than her husband.

Her tomb, which was discovered in 2012, held many things of value. Ceramic vessels, jade jewelry, stone figurines, etc., were found in there.

Women in Mayan society were educated, went into economics and government, and were skilled farmers. Eight other women besides Lady K’abel held the title of Supreme Warrior. It could be possible that there were more.