Ehyophsta was a woman of the Cheyenne nation. She lived from c.1826—August 1915, when she died on a reservation. She was also called Yellow Haired Woman.

Ehyophsta entered battle against white settlers as a member of the resistance, and joined specifically for the cause, as opposed to vengeance. Her first real combat experience took place against troops of Major George Forsyth at Beecher’s Island in 1868. She and her other warriors laid siege to the troop to keep them from letting the general army know of the locations of Cheyenne villages, as the troop was there to call for aid to force Native Americans into reservations. She survived this battle, and was known later as a woman warrior to her tribe. Unfortunately, the resistance, as we know, was unsuccessful.

Legacy: Ehyophsta is one of many Native American women who resisted white settler forces. Another was Lozen of the Apache, a guerrilla commander and saboteur.

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