Amanirenas (c. 60—c. 10 BCE) was Queen of the Meroitic Kingdom of Kush from c. 40 BCE—c. 10 BCE. She held the titles of Qore and Kandake, which meant that she was queen regnant (she ruled in her own right, as opposed to queen regent) during this time. During her reign, from 27—22 BCE, she led her army in many battles and skirmishes with Rome. She attacked Roman Egypt, and her campaign was at first successful. Then, General Publius Petronius drove out Amanirenas and the Kushites, and established a more defined border between Egypt and Meroë.

In 21 or 20 BCE, she and the Romans established a peace treaty. It remarkably favored the Kushites, and gave them much of their lost territory. They were also not required to pay tribute taxes to the Emperor of Rome. This agreement continued until the 3rd century CE.

Her son inherited the kingdom of Kush.


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