Pantea Arteshbod

Pantea Arteshbod (550 BCE) was a Persian commander during the reign of Cyrus the Great, who ruled from 559ā€”529 BCE. Pantea Arteshbod’s husband was General Aryasb, or Archaemenid Artheshbod. Pantea, also a commander, worked jointly with her husband to secure Persian rule.

After Cyrus the Great’s successful conquest of the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 547 BCE, Pantea Arteshbod kept law and order in Babylonia, ensuring peace and a successful transition. Furthermore, she and her husband were commanders of an elite force known as “The Immortals”. They doubled as the Imperial Guard and a formidable standing army. They were called this because they were always kept 10,000 strong. Those who died were instantly replaced, causing the army to never dwindle. They were an elite corps of Cyrus the Great’s armies.


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